Words absolutely cannot express who Chally was and what he meant to the people who crossed paths with him. Whether he was a friend, someone you knew in passing or one of the thousands of people who he helped without them ever even knowing it, Chally was one of the best and brightest souls to walk this earth.


One never knew where this fella would pop up. You’d see his brightly painted truck with action figures glued to it and almost want to turn to follow him just to see what he was up to that day. Odds are it involved something fun. You’d see him on the New and Gauley rivers kayaking or showing a crew of tourists the time of their lives in a big old raft. You’d catch a glimpse of him hauling ass down the slopes of Snowshoe Mountain on a snowboard, always giving a wave. You might see him at a local music show out on the floor or on stage performing, either way he was dancing. I think people liked seeing him most when he was up on his stilts making people of all ages laugh until their sides hurt. The point is, anywhere we saw Chally, we felt joy.


Chally was friend, loving father and husband, a veteran, an outdoors man, a dancer, a clown, and a true lover of life. After a 4 year battle with ALS, he passed away on April 3rd of 2019. Rather than mourn his death, his family and the people he knew and loved have set aside a day to celebrate his life.


On July 27th of 2019 at 4:00 PM The Celebration of the Life of Chally Erb will kick off with a parade in Downtown Lewisburg, West Virginia followed by a memorial service. Please continue reading for details.

Chally’s Parade
The parade is meant to be a moving monument to Chally’s life. Each “section” of the parade will represent a different era in his time here. The overall theme is a Mardi Gras style parade.
YOU CAN BE IN THIS PARADE!! We welcome anyone and everyone to join in this celebration, assuming you will participate respectfully and responsibly.
The different sections and descriptions of the parade are listed below. Please read what each section represents and if you would like to participate, come dressed accordingly. The parade will start at Lee St. in downtown Lewisburg and end at Carnegie Hall. Show up for people participating in the parade will be 3:00 at the corner of Lee and Washington St.

Section 1: Chally’s Childhood. Chally’s youth will be represented by hand drums and digeridoos. A primal sound to represent a budding young mind. So bring your hand drums, djembe’s, didgeridoos, trash can lids, whatever and lead the parade! And make sure to wear your best Mardi Gras outfit!
Section 2: Chally’s Service to his country will be represented by uniformed and non-uniformed veterans. We invite any veterans and active duty to participate. Please wear what you feel is appropriate and feel free to wave flags and banners etc.
Section 3: Chally’s Family. We invite all families to come dressed in clown costumes and Mardi Gras beads to hand out candy and party favors to the crowd. Kids welcome!
Section 4: Chally the Performer. Anyone who would like to participate as a performer, i.e. hula hooper, juggler, twirler, clown, tumbler etc. (these can be peppered into the parade) Anybody who is participating in this section probably already has some cool costumes, so wear ‘em . Trillium performers! Past and present . Anything you see fit. (Possibly various “Chally” characters.) As cool as it would be, we cannot have anything involving fire in the parade.
Section 5: Chally the Athlete. We invite those who knew Chally from his river days to come dressed in bright colored river gear carrying boats and paddles. Runner’s, bikers and the rest of you adrenaline junkies …..Y’all are a creative bunch, you know what to do.
Section 6: Chally’s Homecoming. A New Orleans style brass and drum ensemble will perform a selection of songs to send Chally off in a reverent and celebratory style.
Obviously a good parade needs spectators so if you are not participating, please come watch the parade and cheer for Chally!


whoisdingusstinkfinger.com is proud to be helping with the planning of this event so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.